Rebuilding credit after chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge

There comes a time for many people when they’re facing bankruptcy and wondering what it will do to their credit report.  Even if you have responsibly managed your money things can happen such as a divorce or an accident that puts you out of the workforce. Do not let people make you feel bad about […]

Bankruptcy And Divorce in California 

bankruptcy and divorce in ca

Unfortunately bankruptcy and divorce often go hand in hand. It is rare that the income from one household can sustain two households. When you find yourself getting divorced with one or both of you also facing bankruptcy, you or your affected spouse may feel like everything is falling apart. That may be true. However you […]

Can I file for bankruptcy if I’m a Sole Proprietor?

bankruptcy for small business

Many small businesses are run and operated by the business owner/sole proprietor. This is common for service oriented businesses like carpet cleaners, yoga instructors, handymen, etc. This type of small business usually doesn’t have a lot of valuable assets that can be possessed by the bankruptcy official to pay your creditors.  In this situation you […]

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Can I file for bankruptcy if my business is a Corporation or Limited Liability Company?

corporation bankruptcy

If you operate your business as a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company, the bankruptcy trustee will be able to liquidate your business, sell the actions, or sell the ownership of the business. You may be able to buy the business back, but if you need to borrow money from your friends or family this […]

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